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Radiation in Water – A Real Risk

Radiation in Water – A Real Risk

Radiation in Water – A Real Risk

The question when introducing US Nuclear Corp’s real-time continuous water monitors to municipal water utilities is, ‘why do we need an instrument like this?  We don’t have radiation in our drinking water or waste water.’

Our question is how do you know if you don’t monitor the water.  Typical monitoring is 4 times a year per EPA’s Clean Water Act.  A water sample is pulled and sent to a lab for testing. Not a very timely or cost-effective method.

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Hydrofracking and Water:


What is the cost in contaminating our water?

By Penelope Randall, Environmental Specialist, US Nuclear Corp

Hydrofracking demands for water use is up 770 percent since 2011 according to a 2018 peer reviewed study out of Duke University. The use of millions of gallons of water and sand infused with up to 1,000 different toxic chemicals is used to fracture shale rock and release the trapped gas or oil.

The wastewater, brine, and sludge are then returned to the surface and in need of disposal. Unfortunately, there is not yet a clear and safe method of disposal or storage. In many places this wastewater is reinjected into deep underground wastewater wells. There is mounting evidence that this method of disposal may be responsible for earthquakes and pollution of groundwater in some locations. The exponential growth of the hydrofracking industry and its practices constitutes a growing problem.

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US Nuclear Adds Chemical, Bacterial, & Viral Detection to DroneRADRadiation Detection Drone

The drone has become very popular nowadays — the reason behind its popularity for its employment in multiple works. Read more →

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Nuclear Fusion Z-Pinch Progress with Staged Z-Pinch LTD 10MA Generator

The University of Reno Nevada National Terawatt Facility and commercial company, US Nuclear and MIFTEC, were able to generate the most powerful neutron flux from fusion power ever achieved by a private company. They will scale up to a 10 MegaAmp version of their machine. This will have ten times the amperate and should generate 100 times the neutron flux. They expect to generate a neutron flux of trillioin which is clearly greater than the 10 billion required to produce commercial quantities of critical, low-cost radioisotopes that are in short supply. MIFTEC has contracted with a leading design engineer from a National Lab and has already completed the plans for its first commercial machine called the Staged Z Pinch (SZP) LTD-X (linear transformer driver-X) 10 MegaAmp generator.

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SNNLive caught up with Robert Goldstein, CEO of US Nuclear Corp. (OTC Pink: UCLE), at the Planet MicroCap Showcase 2019.