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Good News for Drinking Water – US Nuclear Corp

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Good News for Drinking Water

Independent Test Lab Evaluates Instrumentation for Detecting Radiation in Drinking Water

Since 9/11 and there are still holes in the security of the nation’s infrastructure, particularly for drinking water.  This security deficit is currently being addressed in some community water systems with water monitoring instruments.

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Carbon 14 Major Power Industry Pollutant

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Carbon 14 Major Power Industry Pollutant

Environmental scientists have identified Carbon 14, better known as C14, as a major radiological pollutant and a serious health hazard. Emitted from both coal-fired and nuclear power plants these contaminants have only recently been identified as a major cause of radiation exposure to the general public in proximity to these power plants.  Additionally, some hospitals, universities, and pharmacology companies also emit these radionuclides.

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Aerial Radiation Detection – US Nuclear Corp

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Aerial Radiation Detection

In this time of multiple threats to our security: dirty bomb; cyber; shooters in public places; homemade bombs; misinformation; etc. we feel extremely vulnerable; perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

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US Nuclear & Nucsafe Announce Strategic Cooperation Alliance

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US Nuclear & Nucsafe Announce Strategic Cooperation/Marketing Alliance

The goal of this alliance will be to strategically assist each other in promoting, building, selling, and servicing radiation detection equipment in the USA and around the world. Benefits of this cooperation include:

  1. Bigger footprint will allow for qualifying and bidding on significantly larger government and industry contracts, especially those that require quick shipment.
  2. Cross selling each other’s products.
  3. Providing complimentary products for customer convenience—a “one-stop shop.”
  4. Sharing engineering and marketing/sales experience, for both domestic and international markets.
  5. Cooperating on joint development projects, such as filling out the US Nuclear suite of instruments to outfit new nuclear power plants.
  6. Operating facilities in this alliance include: Los Angeles CA, Cincinnati OH, Oakridge TN, Corbin KY, and Beijing China.
  7. Combined manufacturing and warehouse space:   65,000 sq ft (1.45 acre indoor space)
  8. Combined work force:   75 employees
  9. Combined annual sales about: $20 million USD

Nucsafe Brief Company Profile:

Since 1999, Nucsafe has been focused on nuclear security markets including border, port security, mobile and aerial monitoring and specialized portable applications. Nucsafe manufactures radiation measurement systems for the nuclear safeguards industry, law enforcement and federal agencies tasked with providing nuclear safety and protecting public security. The company has grown to more than 60 employees in the last 6 years including technical and professional staff with decades of experience in commercial nuclear instrumentation and gamma spectroscopy. ISO certification is in place and both facilities. Proven production capacity of 30 systems per month and a current manufacturing capacity to produce 100 systems per month.


US Nuclear Corp. (OTCBB: UCLE)
Robert I. Goldstein, President, CEO, and Chairman
Ph: (818) 883 7043

Nucsafe Inc
Lester Sideroplous, President, COO
Ph: (865) 220 5050


To learn more about us visit our about or Facebook page.

FlyCam UAV

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Aerial Radiation and Chemical Detection