Press Releases For Month: August 2020
Making Our COVID Survivors Whole Again

Making Our COVID Survivors Whole Again By
Solving Yet Another Desperate Shortage

Los Angeles, CA.  August 3, 2020 – US Nuclear Corp. (OTC: UCLE) aims to combat COVID-19 and help patients and survivors of the virus by working together with MIFTEC to produce an unlimited supply of domestic, low-cost medical isotopes.

The IAEA is supporting more than 121 countries with RT-PCR equipment, which is used to rapidly detect COVID-19 in real-time by a nuclear-derived technique and is one of the most widely used and accurate lab methods. The isotope Co-60 is also being used to sterilize medical equipment, devices, and supplies for COVID-19 professionals to ensure they are safe for use.  Co-60 irradiation is one of the quickest and effective methods for sterilizing large volumes of this equipment.

Medical isotopes and nuclear medicine are proving to be effective in sterilizing, detecting, and fighting COVID-19 and guiding successful treatment. In addition to damaging the patient’s lungs, this virus also attacks the heart, the blood vessels, liver, intestines, brain, and nervous system. It causes blood clots and sometimes stroke or seizures.  Unfortunately, as a result, many of our COVID-19 survivors will need serious medical help for months or years to come.

Medical isotopes are being used for lung diagnostics, determining the extent of the patient’s disease, and for mapping the COVID-19 proteins, while others are being researched as a possible treatment for combating severe COVID-19 cases. Medical isotopes are necessary for nuclear medicine diagnostic scans to guide the physician in treating our brave survivors.

The problem is that medical isotopes have been in desperate shortage at US hospitals and around the world for years, and according to the IAEA, recent bottlenecks in transport and distribution of medical isotopes will lead to even more severe shortages at a time when they are most needed.  Pre COVID-19, the shortage of medical isotopes was an estimated $7 billion shortage/year.  Currently, there are no suppliers in the USA and existing international suppliers are few and limited in their capacity.  A fragile network of fewer than a dozen nuclear reactors supplies the entire world.

MIFTEC’s patented fusion medical isotope generators will solve a number of problems:

  1. MIFTEC’s process is fueled by safe a renewable sources, namely: seawater. Current production methods are fission-based accelerators or reactors that require enriched uranium to operate, which is costly, must be stored safely, and subject to nuclear weapons proliferation.
  2. Production costs are up to 50% less than all other current manufacturing processes.
  3. A small footprint means it can fit into most hospitals, clinics, and labs, resulting in local production, eliminating transportation and importation costs, and greatly reducing the material lost due to half-life decay.
  4. No production limits: US Nuclear can build MIFTEC’s medical isotope generators in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to build nuclear reactors or accelerators, and production can continue until demand is met.

Preparations are underway to build the MIFTEC Z-Pinch Fusion Medical Isotope Generators.  Tests conducted by MIFTI at the University of Reno National Terawatt Facility in 2018 using a 1 MegaAmp machine produced a neutron flux in excess of 1010, which demonstrated their device will work as designed.  Next, a test at L3 Harris’s 4 MegaAmp machines is scheduled for later this year.  The US Air Force MACH-2 simulation code predicts this test will easily produce neutron flux in excess of 1012, or 1 trillion neutrons per pulse: the amount required for commercial production of radioisotopes.   MIFTI and MIFTEC have already drawn up plans for a 10 MegaAmp machine, which is designed to provide significant net energy gain for production not only of medical isotopes but also towards electric power generation.  US Nuclear is the exclusive manufacturer of MIFTEC’s medical isotope generators in North America and Asia.


About US Nuclear Corp.

Originally founded as a spin-off of the Manhattan project in 1946, US Nuclear is a premier manufacturer of hazmat detection equipment, including UAV, mounted radiation, and chemical detection platforms. US Nuclear sales both domestically and internationally and customers include government and military agencies, homeland security, scientific and national laboratories, nuclear power plants, nuclear research facilities, universities, hospitals, and many more.

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