CBRN Water Monitors

CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Water Monitors

A recent survey by Environmental Protection Agency personnel found that Technical Associates is currently the sole source, worldwide, to provide comprehensive instrumentation for real time monitoring of radionuclides, chemicals, and biological contaminants in drinking water and wastewater. Information on the complete CBRN Chemical Biological and Radiation Detection System UniTect can be found at: http://www.tech-associates.com/dept/sales/product-info/TABrochure.pdf

CBRN Water MonitorsTechnical Associates is proud to announce the NextGen-SSS – http://www.tech-associates.com/dept/sales/product-info/nexgen-sss.pdf.

This model replaces model SSS-33-5FT. The heightened sensitivity of this model meets and exceeds the 2009 U.S. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Protective Action Guidelines (PAGs) for Gamma, Alpha, and Beta levels of radiation http://www.fema.gov/good_guidance/download/10260).

Alarms and data records are an integral part of both instruments. The UniTect instrumentation and the NextGen-SSS are easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of water utilities and wastewater treatment plants.

This state-of-the-art instrumentation makes the detection of alpha and beta radionuclides in water at the required levels of detection possible for the first time. The NextGen-SSS was designed with industry input and manufactured with EPA’s 2009 PAG levels specifically in mind.

A Tritium Detector is optional for the Model NexGen-SSS and measures the 2009 PAG Tritium levels.


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